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Series PCIe NVMe SSD Design for Enterprise Applications

PBlaze5 Series PCIe NVMe SSD utilizes high-quality 3D Enterprise-level TLC NAND, with capacities up to 11TB, delivers over 1 Million IOPS and 6GB/s Bandwith, provides high performance for enterprise applications.

Enhanced Power Failure Protection
High Endurance:3DWPD
Dual Port, High Availability

In order to meet the high demand of Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) host service system on high-efficiency storage, Memblaze has developed a PBlaze4-based customized solution for Aliyun, during which Memblaze has provided efficient, flexible, stable and reliable storage products and solution. The solution is of great importance for Aliyun data center to deliver stable and efficient cloud services to users. ——Aliyun Technical Security Department

FlashRAID’s flash storage solution excels in both performance and reliability, which completely helps customers to break the bottleneck in 4K HD lossless non-linear editorial applications. In addition, FlashRAID is also equipped with storage functions such as storage tiering and thin provisioning, so that customers can manage the underlying storage medium comprehensively and monitor the conditions, thus the operation efficiency of the data center has been greatly improved. - Dayang Technology Development Inc.

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PBlaze4 Accelerates the Intensive IT Construction of China Telecom

China Telecommunications Corporation (“China Telecom”), one of China's three largest communications operators, owns multiple networks including mobile network...

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Memblaze PBlaze4 Accelerates Application of Integrated Database Machine in a Bank

A certain bank, one of our clients, is the first newly established national joint-stock commercial bank approved by the State Council since 1996.


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