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provide customs perfect NVMe SSD solutions.
  • Virtualization

  • Big data

  • Application Acceleration

  • Database

  • Cloud Computing


Virtualization is making traditional IT framework more efficient, more flexible, more extensible, and less costly. There are two solutions in the Memblaze virtualization solutions: the full SSD solution and the hybrid memory solution. As a PBlaze series product, PCle SSD in the full SSD solution serves as the systematic cache. In the meantime,the PBlaze SSD product is used for long-term data saving. In the hybrid memory solution, as the systematic cache, PBlaze improves the virtualization system’s ability to process IO. Instead, traditional discs are used as the primary memory.

Big data

Given the enormous amount of data that Big Data has to handle, it demands high IO performance of the infrastructure. The PCle SSD solution in the PBlaze series can improve the analytical system’s performance of the Big Data, and reduce the IO response delay to a few microseconds, so as to realize the real-time analysis demanded by the Big Data.

Application Acceleration

For reading/writing IO-intensive applications such as CDN and search engines, PBlaze PCIe SSDis configured in the data center as a high speed cache, thanks to its high IOPS, high bandwidth and short delay. As a result, it can eliminate the bottleneck of memory performance, and lower the total cost of the infrastructure at the same time.


The PBlaze PCIe SSD Solution aims at supporting mainstream databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. It can speed up the process of data update, inquiry and analysis of the database system, respond to requests from large amounts of users, and quickly give feedbacks on the analytical results. In doing so, the problem of excessively long response time during the process of data analysis can be resolved.

Cloud Computing

The PBlaze PCIe SSD Cloud Computing Solution aims at supporting the cloud computing data center. In-depth optimization is conducted on multiple levels such as software functions, reading and writing optimization, and memory framework. This solution provides a strong memory acceleration engine for the cloud computing data center. As a result, by helping clients obtain high-performance and simplified memory service, it facilitates the performance improvement and cost reduction in the cloud computing data center from the infrastructure level.


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