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Memblaze Closes C Financing Round to Accelerate Growth


Beijing, China -07 Dec 2015: Flash storage manufacturer Memblaze (Beijing Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd.) announced the completion of its Round C financing recently. General Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (GTVC) and Qualcomm Incorporated (Qualcomm) contributed tens of millions of US dollars in this round of financing.

"Memblaze has made outstanding achievements in the field of flash storage. GTVC will tap into the powerful resource system of its shareholder, China General Technology, to provide strong support for Memblaze's vertical industry and business expansion in the global market," as Bao Jingming, Vice President from GTVC put it. The cooperation between Qualcomm and Memblaze in capital will help each company integrate their resources and edges in the field of data center, and enhance both parties' absolute advantage in the Chinese enterprise market.

"After this round of financing, we will continue to boost our investments in technology R&D, and attract more outstanding talents to join our company. In the meantime, we will invest more in international market development, expand our sales channels, and strengthen our cooperation with international chip, server and solution manufacturers, among other suppliers, to jointly expand the international market," said Yin Xuebing, CEO of Memblaze.

In 2011, Memblaze was cofounded by Yin Xuebing and Lu Xiangfeng, two youngsters born in the 1980s. In the Chinese IT field, where many international large-scale factories are present, they are determined to manufacture flash storage products that can astonish the Chinese, and provide efficient and reliable data processing acceleration service for large data centers.

At present, Memblaze's market performance is very good, given that it has attracted many quality Chinese customers, including internet companies such as Baidu, Qihu 360 and Tencent. Meanwhile, it has set up offices and business development channels in North America and Europe, and built a relatively mature distribution system in Japan, ROK and Southeast Asia. With more customers all over the world, Memblaze is fully qualified to be called the most influential flash storage manufacturer in China.

In product R&D, Memblaze has also formulated business plans for the further future. In addition to the NVMe-supporting PBlaze4 SSD released in the middle of this year, a data protection and storage management software system, FlashRAID (researched and developed based on the NVMe SSD), has also been added to the product road map. In the future, Memblaze will strengthen the combination of software and hardware products, and provide customers with stable, safe and reliable data center flash storage solutions.


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Founded in 2011 and based in Beijing, Memblaze is a technological company with innovative genes. It focuses on providing outstanding enterprise-level solid-state memory products and solutions in fields such as IT, internet, communication and cloud computing. For more information, please visit http://www.memblaze.com/en/

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