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Memblaze PBlaze4 Series PCIe SSD Pass the Certification of ESXi6.0


The new-generation PBlaze4 PCIe SSD products of Memblaze have passed the official certification tests of VMware and VMware ESXi6.0. The products certified this time include all the capacity models of PBlaze4 C750 Series and C950 Series.

Official website of VMware has updated the information concerning PBlaze4s successful certification

ESXi6.0 integrating the native NVMe standard driver is the newest virtualization system of VMware, and PBlaze4 can operate normally with this standard driver. Compared with products that necessitate the use of partnersprivate drivers, systems using native drivers can effectively reduce the complexity of system operation & maintenance, particularly in large-scale virtualization scenarios. After passing the testing on ESXi6.0, the promotion of PBlaze4s solutions and practices in VSAN, VDI and other scenarios will also be accelerated. In the future, users can obtain support services from both Memblaze and VMware, which is an important guarantee for users to build virtualization environments with PBlaze4 without worry.

In 2013, Membalze joined the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program and the I/O Vendor Program (IOVP). At the beginning of 2014, PBlaze3 passed the official certification tests of ESXi5.1 and ESXi5.5 and supported the full-line products such as vSphere, vFRC, VDI, VMware Virtual SAN and more, becoming the first hardware manufacturer certified by VMware Ready. Later, Wuhan Polytechnic used PBlaze3 in coordination with VSAN to build the schools teaching resource pool, a classic case of cooperation between Memblaze and VMware. And this time, accomplishing PBlaze4s certification on ESXi6.0 has laid a solid foundation for the bilateral cooperation in the field of virtualization.

Supporting NVMe is a feature of PBlaze4, and the ecological advantages of NVMe have been increasingly shown in the cooperation between Memblaze and VMware. On the other hand, the mutual cooperation leads to win-win results at many levels including solutions, cases, and ecological construction. VMware provides a powerful system platform, and PBlaze4 can eliminate the bottleneck of memory performance and enhance user experience concerning virtualization solutions to a higher level, said Zhang Taile, Vice President of Memblaze SSD Product Line.

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