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Memblaze to Showcase the World’s First RAID Product for NVMe “FlashRAID” at the Flash Memory Summit 2016


Santa Clara, Calif., August 19, 2016. Memblaze (Booth: 319), China’s leading brand in enterprise-class flash memory production, will showcase the world’s first software RAID product optimized to support NVMe SSDs - FlashRAID and PBlaze4 PCIe SSD at the Flash Memory Summit 2016 (FMS2016).

FlashRAID is an optimized software data protection system of Memblaze, which specifically supports NVMe SSDs and provides data protection and storage management services. FlashRAID has better performance than traditional RAIDs, as it is optimized for high-performance storage medium, can support NVMe SSDs efficiently. It can also meet the development trend of multi-core CPUs, and give full play to the advantages of software RAID.

FlashRAID highlights:

● Optimized specifically for NVMe SSD characteristics, it rebuilds key technologies of software RAID by combining multi-core CPU advantages, and provides data protection services for high-performance storage medium.

● Its performance is linearly scalable as with the increase in the number of SSDs and CPUs, to bring the aggregation performance of NVMe SSD into full play;

●  Fast data reconstruction and automatic bandwidth equalization can ensure consistency in performance of services;

● Storage pool management provides multi-layered, virtualized and flexible data storage services;

● Automatic layered storage of cold data and hot data can be achieved, to make full use of the advantages of multiple storage medium (SSD/HDD).

In the performance test on RAID5, Memblaze uses FlashRAID with four 1.6TB PBlaze4 PCIe SSDs. The results show that a random reading of over 2,500,000 (4KB) IOPS and a random writing of 300,000 (4K) IOPS can be achieved. It takes less than 30 minutes for the 1.6TB PBlaze4 disk to recover.

At the FMS2016, the FlashRAID solution showcased by Memblaze uses a super-micro server, configures four 1.6TB PBlaze4 PCIe SSDs, and demonstrates key functions of FlashRAID system including hot-plug of disk, simplified resource management and auto-tiering.

 “Memblaze released PBlaze4 PCIe SSD that supports NVMe last year, which has been widely accepted by the market. PBlaze4’s success also marks that PCIe SSD has ushered in a new stage for development. To establish a highly efficient and reliable storage system is critical for solid state storage, and that is why FlashRAID was designed. ” Said Alan Wu, head of FlashRAID BU. “FlashRAID is expected to create customized solutions for sectors including distributed storage, HPC, cloud host and 4K non-linear editorial system, to improve the system performance and reliability in a comprehensive way.”

Tues, Aug 9th   8:30-10:50am  Forum C-11: Enterprise SSDs (SSDs Track)

IO Pattern Based Optimization in SSD, by Memblaze CTO Lu Xiangfeng

Thurs, Aug 11th 8:30-9:35am  Session 301-D: PCIe/NVMe Development Issues (PCIe Storage Track)

New Data Protection System for NVMe SSD, by Memblaze senior technical director Wu Zhongjie

Speeches delivered by Memblaze at the FMS2016:

About memblaze

Founded in 2011 and based in Beijing, Memblaze is a technological company with innovative genes. It focuses on providing outstanding enterprise-level solid-state drives and solutions in fields such as IT, Internet, Communication and Cloud Computing.

Our mission is to make data run faster and smarter. We offer the first NVMe-supported SSDs in China and the only one data protection system which is specially designed for high performance NVMe SSD. The products have been extensively used in scenarios of database, virtualization, CDN and HPC etc.
As of 2015, Memblaze have been serving more than 200 enterprises and data center customers. We’re core flash memory supplier for Baidu, Tencent, Qihu 360, Youku and other top 50 Internet companies.

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