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PBlaze4 Accelerates the Intensive IT Construction of China Telecom



Standardized X86 platform

A distributed solution based on MySQL
TCO saved by 50%
Industry: Telecommunication
Use Case: China Telecom's intensive IT resource pool, and business support system (BSS)

China Telecommunications Corporation (“China Telecom”), one of China's three largest communications operators, owns multiple networks including mobile network, fixed network, Internet, data network and value added network. As with the rise of emerging technologies such as cloud computing and big data and the rapid development of mobile Internet, industries including telecommunication, media, Internet, terminal and e-commerce build on each other, and telecommunication operators are facing the crisis of "being channelized"; China Telecom has put forward deepening transformation and following the strategy of developing into a “leading firm of three roles”, namely, a leader of intelligent channels, a provider of integrated platforms and a participant of content applications. Based on the corporate development strategy, the information construction of the company is committed to forging an intensive OneIT operating service system, by abandoning the traditional way of telecommunication operation, and following the Internet mindset, with focus put on intensive operation and open platform.

The Challenge 

The IT infrastructure capability of China Telecom is deployed at two levels: the group and provincial branches, each having their own Business Support Systems (BSS) and databases; as a result, the dispersed resources are not conducive for business integration and resources application.

The traditional telecommunication business is deployed under the “IOE” architecture, and the resource pool provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Therefore, multiple problems in the “IOE” architecture need to be solved, such as the close system, low scalability, high requirements on operation and high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Amid speedy development of telecommunication business, the service ability under the existing architecture becomes a bottleneck, thus to build a unified high-performance IT service platform becomes a necessity for future development.

China Telecom is faced with multiple challenges under the traditional architecture, thus the following demands on the construction of next generation of business system have been brought forward:

Intensive management is expected to be achieved for the business operation. Based on the requirements of intensive operation, a pilot nationwide centralized BSS can be built, to achieve uniform Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and billing & accounting for users all across the country, and one uniform set of database can be deployed in the system.

The stiffer competition in the communications industry requires putting users' experience on the top priority, thus the nationwide centralized BSS shall have high performance, featuring high concurrency and low latency.

The solution needs to be based on both open and universal components, which shall be easy to extend and maintain.

The Solution 

In China Telecom's new IT system, non-shared disk array is adopted to build the database cluster - MySQL Cluster, which builds cluster access network through X86 server + PCIe SSD (Solid State Drive), and the pilot nationwide centralized BSS is configured in the Cluster. The Cluster consists of three parts: management nodes, MySQL Server nodes and data nodes using NDB storage engine, and each node is connected with 10-gigabit network. The solution has good scalability, and the performance of the database can be improved almost linearly by increasing the number of data nodes in the Cluster, thus it is a highly useable cluster system with high performance.

NDB storage engine can support as many as 48 storage nodes, and PCIe SSD can be sued as a main storage of data nodes in the MySQL Cluster, and the disk-based table is also deployed on PCIe SSD. In doing so, on the one hand, the data's entry into the disk at inspection spots can be accelerated; on the other hand, the disk-based table can have the performance close to that of in-memory table, so that the system performance will not deteriorate sharply even if the size of database exceeds the memory capacity of the Cluster.

Business Benefits

Data security can be guaranteed, and system performance can be improved

The distributed solution based on MySQL database can improve the performance of the cluster via multiple nodes. The data can be stored with multiple copies, to ensure the security.

The distributed solution built on standardized x86 platform has strong scalability

For the distributed database in the cluster, nodes can be added flexibly as with the increase in the number of users and the volume of business, and the performance of the database can grow in an approximately linear manner, thus a nationwide centralized BSS can be possible. Using PCIe SSD storage, the disk-based table has a performance close to a memory.

Reduce the TCO

TCO is saved by over 50% from traditional IOE architecture.


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