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Memblaze showcases Dual-port and Power Efficiency Solution at FMS2018


Santa Clara, Calif., August 8, 2018 -- Enterprise-level NVMe SSD manufacturer Memblaze showcased its high-performance PBlaze5 910/916 and low-power 510/516 series NVMe SSD at the Flash Memory Summit 2018 (FMS2018). Both series made their debut at the FMS2018 exhibition, where presentations focused on the dual-port function and power efficiency of the new-generation NVMe SSD.

Both the PBlaze5 910/916 and 510/516 series NVMe SSD adopt the 64-layer enterprise-level 3D-NAND and support NVMe protocol with a user capacity up to 15.36TB. The 910/916 series NVMe SSD boasts 6GB/s read bandwidth, 1 million IOPS read performance and read/write latency as low as 89/11μs. The 510/516 series NVMe SSD tailored for the green data center features two interfaces, U.2 and M.2, and can offer 540K IOPS and 3.2GB/s bandwidth. The product has a typical load power consumption of 10W, with the performance per watt as high as 54K IOPS. In the dual-port live demonstration, two servers carried out random read (4K) operation on Memblaze’s NVMe SSD simultaneously, with 400,000 IOPS achievable for each ports. Whether one server is under normal shutdown or suffers abnormal shutdown will not affect the normal read operation for data in PBlaze5 nor the business continuity and performance of the other server.

The dual-port NVMe SSD can play a role in system scenarios like active/active data center, master-slave replication and link redundancy. It allows two controllers or servers to have simultaneous access to the same piece or group of NVMe SSD and thus ensures higher system availability and continuity of critical business applications.

Furthermore, Memblaze also exhibit the latest low-power 510 series NVMe SSD this year and offered an live demonstration of its IOPS per unit of energy (IOPS/Watt) which is designed to evaluate the capability of the device to deliver services with limited resources. With its random read IOPS (4K) more than 540K and power consumption lower than 10W, PBlaze5 510 series NVMe SSD could see its power efficiency surpass 54K IOPS per watt, a figure at least 30% higher than its predecessor.

Memblaze upgraded the new-generation NVMe SSD in terms of both software and hardware technologies in an effort to raise the power efficiency. At the hardware level, the two new products use fewer hardware modules that are more sophisticated to reduce the basic power consumption. At the software level, they can realize an accurate analysis of read/write operations after full optimization of the core architecture of Memblaze’s firmware, accompanied by higher read cache hits and shorter write path.

Memblaze’s NVMe SSD is evolving with a growing number of new functions and new features. Such technologies as dual ports, multiple-namespace, Trim and accurate power control have been successively used in PBlaze5 series NVMe SSD. Memblaze will go beyond perfect performance and high reliability of its products to pursue higher power efficiency as it seeks to fully meet the demand for NVMe SSD in future storage systems.

About Memblaze

Memblaze is a tech company committed to R&D and sales of highly reliable and high-performance enterprise-level NVMe SSD. PBlaze series NVMe SSD is widely applied in database, virtualization, cloud computing, HFT, search engine and other scenarios. Memblaze has over 600 enterprise clients like Alibaba, Baidu, JD and QingCloud and builds close cooperative relations with Microsemi, Micron, Toshiba, Inspur, Dell, Sugon, VMware etc.


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