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Memblaze Raises $30 Million from Series D Funding Round, Accelerates Moves in Enterprise SSD Market


Memblaze Technology today announced the closure of its Series D fundraising round. Led by venture capital firm SoftBank Ventures Asia, the round also includes participation from Toyou. This is the second time the provider of data storage solutions has participated. The new funds, totaling about $30 million, will give a boost to Memblaze’s presence in the enterprise-level NVMe SSD field, enabling it to meet higher requirements for data storage and management from emerging areas such as 5G and artificial intelligence (AI). Earlier investors of the company include Infinity Group, Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI), Ding Xing Venture Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Tencent and Microsemi.

Today technologies like 5G, AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing are booming, and so are new infrastructure projects. To deal with a deluge of data that comes with their arrival, SSD products have proven essential for sustaining necessary computational power. Founded in 2011, Beijing-based Memblaze is among the earliest developers of enterprise SSD products across the world. Its PBlaze series SSDs have entered a wide range of areas such as databases, virtualization, cloud computing, and big data. Speedy storage products boasting stability and reliability are serving more than 600 enterprises across various industries, including the Internet, cloud services, finance, and telecommunications.

Zhibo TANG,Co-founder and CEO of Memblaze, said,“The latest capital increase looks to give Memblaze a bigger edge in the SSD market facing businesses. It offers an opportunity to introduce our data storage and processing solutions to smart scenarios more quickly. With years of technological experience and deep insights into users, Memblaze will work to make its products better suit their needs. At the same time, we will also continue cooperation with partners leading the global industrial chains, and join hands with them in building a global ecosystem of data storage, to push forward the whole industry’s development.”

Jason DING, Partner of SoftBank Ventures Asia, said, “When selecting investment targets, we prioritize high-tech companies that have demonstrated business models and long-term growth potential. Over the past decade, Memblaze has emerged as a key vendor in the China enterprise SSD market. With a well-established R&D organization dedicated to innovation, Memblaze has formed long term strategic partnerships with suppliers around the world, delivered multiple generations of reliable products in mass production, and earned the trust of a broad base of customers in verticals including Internet, Cloud, Telco and FSI. These achievements had strengthened our conviction in the investment. The data center expansion driven by Cloud, 5G and AI, as well as the seismic shifts in the memory semiconductor industry, present an unprecedented opportunity for Memblaze to grow to the next level. We are excited to partner with Memblaze in embarking on the journey of transforming the Enterprise IT infrastructure.”

Zexiang ZHOU,President and General Manager of Toyou, said,“SSD products, as core basic components of data centers, are extremely important for processing and management of data storage. Memblaze’s position as the core provider in China’s enterprise SSD market fits well with our strategic layout in the entire storage industry ranging ‘from chips to systems’. Our investment in Memblaze for the second time represents our recognition of its technological competence and development prospects. And it’s our hope that both can innovate in rolling out more safe and reliable products suitable for different scenarios to drive forward the storage market.”

Even since its inception, Memblaze has been working on independent R&D and innovation. The efforts have paid off with a number of technologies patented at home and abroad, including in SSD front-end development, flash memory management and access, operating systems and testing, and design of storage software and hardware.

Memblaze is now playing a crucial role in the industrial chain on the strength of its new technologies and safe and reliable products. Their combination has yielded impressive results this year so far, grabbing much attention and earning praise from the media including China Central Television (CCTV).


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